Marketing Plans:

Whether you are launching a new brand, want to spread the word of an existing one, or you have a new product to get out there, you need a plan. This service comes in two options: DIY or Full Service. 


For those who prefer to do it themselves, I will create an easy to follow marketing plan with the elements decided upon during a consultation. The plan will include step by step instructions and timelines of when each element should be implemented. DIY is charged hourly.


For those who select Full Service, I will create a marketing plan with the elements agreed upon during your consultation and then implement the plan from start to finish based on the timeline. Full Service will incur extra costs as it will include additional services ( e.g. social media, blogs, newsletters, etc). The final cost will include the hourly rate plus fees for additional services.

Social Media:

Social media is a must, but if you open any accounts you need to commit to posting to said accounts. Do not risk missing out on vital engagement with potential customers due to spotty posting or irrelevant content. This service includes 30 days of social media content to the platforms of your choice and an analytics report at the end of each month. The fee will be calculated per platform per month. If you require photography services, it will incur an extra fee (as well as the fee of the photographer, if they are required). 

Website Content:

You only get one chance to make a good first impression, so you want your website to speak for you with confidence. Do you have a new website with no content? An old website that needs a new voice? I will provide you with content that fits your brand voice for up to 5 key pages. Any additional pages may be considered but will incur extra fees. Client must provide images and graphics. If you require images/graphics sourced or created or photographer services, it will incur an extra fee (as well as the fee of the photographer, if they are required). Website content is charged hourly.


Newsletters teeter along a delicate line. Done well and they are a welcome reminder of your brand, but done poorly and they quickly become annoying inbox clutter. Only those who can demonstrate value and voice will retain their subscribers. Based on the outcome of our consultation, I will create an email sequence that fits your goals. If you require photographer services, it will incur an extra fee (as well as the fee of the photographer, if they are required). Newsletters are charged hourly.


Expand your blog content beyond product updates and brand news. Offering industry-related content not directly related to your products positions you not only as an authority on your subject but also gives people a reason to visit your website even when they may not have originally intended to make a purchase. A regularly updated blog is a great way to engage with your audience without the tight character limit of social media. There is a flat, per blog fee. Each blog post will be well-researched and SEO friendly. Images can be sourced but the client is welcome to provide their ownIf you require photographer services, it will incur an extra fee (as well as the fee of the photographer, if they are required). 

NEW - Blog Topics:

No matter how passionate you are about your business or blogging, coming up with new topics week after week, month after month can be hard. Writer's block strikes the best of us. When it does, this service is here to the rescue! One month of weekly blog topics curated for you to turn into blog posts for your website. 

  • My hourly rate is $150

  • Social media content is $600 per month for 1 platform. For each additional platform, there is a 15% discount

  • 500-word blogs are $150 per blog with attribution and $300 for ghostwritten pieces

  • 1000-word blogs are $300 per blog with attribution and $600 for ghostwritten pieces

  • Blog topic curation $50

  • Finder's fee for outside services such as photographers, videographers, graphic designers, etc. is $100 

  • Monthly retainers available for client who required multiple services - contact for details

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