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Roaring 20s Style- From 1920s to 2020s

The roaring 20s brings about thoughts of a more glamourous time; men and women dressed fashionably no matter the occasion. Back then however, the dawn of the 20s brought about a simpler way of dressing compared to before World War 1. Fashion of the 1920s isn’t what the costume aisle would have us believe even though those flashy costumes are fun.

Fashion through the 1920s

While we can’t expect people to be dressed to the nines Great Gatsby style, here are some ways to bring a bit of 1920s flair to the roaring 2020s.


Women in the 1920s changed outfits frequently throughout the day: house dresses, day dresses, evening gowns, cocktail dresses, tea dresses, and more! The idea of one outfit stretching from day to night like we do today didn’t exist in the roaring 20s. We all have clothes hanging in our closets we would love to wear more, so seize the opportunity! If you have an outing after work, plan a separate outfit to either go home and change into or change at work. Running errands and then meeting friends for coffee? Plan a little extra time to change.


Fashion in the 1920s can be characterized by its geometric patterns and angular shapes, the main components of art deco, as well as and dresses with a loose, straight fit. The roaring 20s were also the rise of separates, leaving more room for women to customize their outfits than before when dresses were their only options. Dresses and skirts stopped at the knee in most cases, unless the occasion called for formal evening wear.

Pair a baggy knit sweater with a skirt or take the dress route paired with a flowy shawl. Don’t be afraid of patterns, layering, or mixing textures. Beading, lace, silk, furs, feathers, satin, fringe and diaphanous fabrics are your friend!


Time to embellish your roaring 20s inspired outfit! Cloche hats and headbands were all the rage, as well as drop earrings and long necklaces. The art deco geometry was present in jewellery as well. As hemlines rose, so did the importance of one’s shoes. Gone were the days of floor-length dresses sweeping the ground as women walked.

Layer strands of beads together, bonus 20s points for peals! Geometric earrings and bracelets will be an excellent match. Before you go, slip into a pair of t-strap heels, and you’re ready to step out in style.


Outfits from the roaring 20s may be glamourous, but we can all agree we’ve made some significant improvements to our way of life since. Instead of wishing to go back in time, weave some 1920s style into your wardrobe to make 2020 your most fashionable year yet.

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