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Couture Culture Promises an Evening of Art and Slow Fashion

In a society where garments are made quickly and cheaply to feed the desire for the latest trends, it is essential to educate ourselves and celebrate those who take a more thoughtful path. Slow fashion is having an awareness of the process and resources required to make clothes, with a focus on sustainability. In the spirit of this sustainable focus, Kiarash Tarikhi, creative director and designer of King and Reign is launching Couture Culture, an annual performing fashion show.

An Evening of Education

The fashion industry is rife with social, economic, and sustainability barriers. To celebrate pushing those boundaries, Couture Culture is uniting creatives and artists under the flag of this annual event. The fashion industry is reputed for poor working conditions, overwork and underpay, but this will give a spotlight to local talent and give them the platform they deserve. If bringing awareness to the importance of slow fashion was not enough to draw you to the event, a portion proceeds will be donated to The Covenant House.

"I am grateful for the opportunity to provide a platform to all the involved talent to showcase their unique creativity," said Kiarash. "We celebrate the unique roles played by each one of us in the community ad hope to inspire a new appreciation for the creative arts."

Couture Culture Promises to Entertain

Couture Culture promises to be an evening that will delight every sense. Attendees will be privy to music by local artists, bands, and DJs. There will be visual art installations throughout the venue and a selection of delicious cocktails to be imbibed. The crowning moment of the event will be the runway show. King and Reign will be presenting their latest collection. Through art, fashion and music, attendees will be challenged to shift their perceptions of fashion and the creative world.

Behind Couture Culture

King and Reign mixes architecture, tailoring, artistry and sensuality to create garments to be best described as wearable art. Kiarash's artistic roots lay in street art and graffiti, which he began experimenting with in 2010. His artwork was even put on display in exhibits in Tehran, Berlin and New York. He decided to pursue architecture and received a bachelor degree from the University of Tehran. He built a career in interior design and involved himself in multiple projects. King and Reign came to the horizon in 2016, when he moved from Tehran to Canada. Here he studied fashion design at the Art Institute of Vancouver. Thus, a brand was born.

Celebrate Slow

Couture Culture will be taking place on Saturday, March 7th, at the Vancouver Art Gallery. This inaugural event will challenge your perceptions of the fashion industry and the arts. Come to be entertained as well as educated. Celebrate slow fashion and its importance during this unique soiree!

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