My job is to take your brand vision and turn it into something engaging, informative, and enduring. It can be difficult to imagine trusting a part of your business to someone, but each person I work with receives personalized attention and care. Your business is my business. We are a team working together to help you succeed.

To see samples of my work, click here. Pricing varies from project to project, contact me with details about your needs for a quote. Have questions about a similar service that may not be included in my list? Feel free to ask!


I studied journalism, learning long and short-form writing, editing, and to work on incredibly short deadlines. My career has combined corporate and freelance work. I've built launch plans, yearly marketing plans, managed social media, created newsletters, managed websites, crafted engaging blogs, and even organized events.

When I'm not typing, researching, planning, or posting, I train as an amateur strongman athlete (not sure what that is?

Check out my Insta!), read, go out with our dog, and try to get away with sneaking more plants into our house.